"Adobe Flash Special (New Year Special)" is the sixth episode of Inanimate Fight-Out.

Adobe Flash Special (New Year Special)
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date December 31st, 2012
Written by MegaAnimazing
Directed by MegaAnimazing
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A random hand comes with a flash symbol and the background changes to BFDI Style. Cola Can notices the limbs and says that it can't be happening, after Star asks where they are, Face says that they're in the form of adobe flash, Computer Screen, lead the pizza's to the elimination and Cola Can said that he didn't expect to be in the Cake At Stake area from Battle For Dream Island (episodes 1-9) but Computer Screen said that when they find a way to get home, they'd be back in the other elimination area, but for now they'd use the Cake At Stake place, after every team pizza member voted (Even the Lemon) and Kool Aid got 4 votes, the hammer wasn't coming so they used the tosser and flung her into the box of despair. The challenge was to find rocks in the mines, the team with most would win, Disk found a HUGE bag of rocks and team Tomato got the most points, the Pizza's once again got up for elimination.


  • This is the first episode to be focused entirely on flash, which is what the show was originally gonna be animated in.
  • because of auditions for bungard's characters, Emonga had to voice all of his characters who had Dialog and the lines given for Ball and Bird (Her characters)
  • This is the first episode to show a new opening.
  • some limbs weren't glowing.