The moment that I have the entire cast filled there are a few spots left.

Cola Can- TDFan16


Dollar- Tyler Bungard (Fired) (Originally LuLucas777) RetroRuoy (Current)

Bowl- Tyler Bungard (Fired) (Originally LuLucas777) DeeandEd (Current)

Kool Aid- TDFan16

Crystal- SierraStalker

Ball- Emongalovva

Sword- TDFan16 (stopped voicing him) RetroRuoy

Board- Emongalovva

Triangle- TDFan16 (stopped voicing her) RetroRuoy

Star- Tyler Bungard (Fired) (Originally LuLucas777) DeeandEd (Current)

Lightning Bolt- Tyler Bunagrd (Fired) (Originally LuLucas777) DeeandEd (Current)

Bird- Emongalovva

Frisbee- SierraStalker

Face- SierraStalker

Jack- Tyler Bungard (Fired) (Originally LuLucas777) RetroRuoy (Current)

Key- Tyler Bungard (Fired) (Originally LuLucas777) DaKillahBunnyz (Busy) DeeandEd (Current)

LSU Book- SierraStalker

Disk (Debuted in episode 5)- DaKillahBunnyz (Busy) DeeandEd (Current)

VLC Player (Debuted in episode 8)- AndrewTheEpic02

Soda Can- AwesomePro403 (Debuted in Episode 9)

DS- (Debuted in episode 9) MegaSnake2000

Coaster- (Debuted in episode 9) Uxie126

Dr.Lemon- (Debuted as a fan in episode 4) (Debuted as a contestant in episode 9) Survivorman367 (replaced) UltraToons (Current)

(you must have a microphone)