Computer Screen is a male electronic character, and the main host of Inanimate Fight-Out. Originally comparable to Inanimate Insanity's host, MePhone4, due to his narcissistic actions and disdain towards his contestants, he is later shown to be rather inexperienced and unorganized with his hosting duties, committing actions that opposed the production team's wishes, and ultimately running out of ideas for challenges.

Computer Screen has been one of the characters with the most voice actor changes. First voiced by MegaAnimazing, the character ultimately went through five voice actor changes, before the role went to OfficialMatrVincent in The Unlucky 4.

Episodes Edit

Pole of Destiny Edit

Computer Screen made his debut as host in the first episode of Inanimate Fight-Out, providing a disclaimer before the episode began, and introducing the show and its contestants to the audience. He next introduces the pole balancing challenge to the eighteen contestants participating, explaining the rules that the last two standing will get to choose the teams for the season.

At the end of the episode, he crowns Cola Can and Bowl the team captains, but informs them that they must wait to choose the teams until the next episode.