"Dodgeball Descruction" is the eighth episode of Inanimate Fight-Out.

Dodgeball Descruction
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date March 30th, 2013
Written by MegaAnimazing
Directed by MegaAnimazing
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The Unlucky 4


Before elimination, Cola Can wonders why his members didn't eat the safire cake Speaker gave them, after he eats one, his mouth literally gets on fire, only to have ball grab Bottle (From Object Universe) to cool it off. during the elimination, a cone gets to do the elimination and shows that Cola Can is eliminated. In the previous episode, Bird returned. Board is still in shock by this. When Computer Screen explains the challenge, he says because it is dodgeball, everyone knows how to play. He tells the contestants there will be a second Recommended Character Contest. Throw after throw, the final 4 in the dodgeball contest are Crystal, LSU Book, Frisbee and MP3. LSU Book gets MP3 out. Crystal gets LSU Book out. When Crystal and Frisbee are left, they throw their balls at the same time. Then the screen goes black. Team Tomato won the dodgeball game.


  • This episode had various assets.
  • This episode is the longest episode so far.
  • This introduced RetroRuoy (Who voices Sword and Triangle in this episode) and AndrewTheEpic02 (who voices the new co-host VLC Player)